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Julia Laidlaw

Julia Laidlaw

I have worked in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in the healing profession for more than two decades.  Over the past twelve years I have combined my background in Counselling with Reiki and BodyTalk so that each aspect of your healing process can be addressed, supported, and honoured.  Most clients  say that they find me warm and compassionate and full of useful wisdom.  They also appreciate my way of using humour to lighten difficult moments.


I am a Registered Social Worker who has experience working effectively and compassionately with individuals, couples and families.  The most important part of the difficulties that we experience is figuring out what to do to solve the problem.  Your mental and emotional health determines the kind of life you have, This is where our work together will start.  It will end when you feel that your life has improved significantly.

My services may be covered by private insurance plans and you may claim our sessions on your income tax as a health benefit expense.

Body Talk & Reiki

When talk therapy is not what you want then BodyTalk is the solution.  It is safe and non-invasive energy medicine holistic modality and no pills or needles are used.  In a session we will connect to your body’s innate wisdom through muscle testing and this will tell me how your body needs to heal itself.  We experience “symptoms” from a combination of many stresses, traumas and memories that build up over a lifetime.  In each session your body will tell me the priorities of emotional, mental and physical areas that need to heal for you to live more fully in your body and happily in the world.

Results from BodyTalk:

  • optimize your health and immune system
  • reduce your stress and teach you how to relax and sleep better
  • improve your relationships
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